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  • I S B N :9787561934357
  • 作    者:费晟 
  • 出 版 社:语言大学
  • 出版时间:2013-02-01
  • 版    次:初版
  • 开    本:16开
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  With a total area of 9.6 million square kilometers, China isthe third largest country in the world. Its
  history of civilization dates back to 5,000 years ago and it has42 cultural heritage sites that are worldwide acknowledged. Long asit is, the history of China is continuous and uninterrupted, whichit is divided into 11 stages in this small book, each withdistinctive features. It is our hope that you will get a closerlook at this ancient country after reading this book.

  Starting with He/lo, China, the Meet China series welcomes youto join in a trip of reading about and meeting China. It will leadyou to explore this country, which may be unfamiliar or evenmysterious to you. In Chinese History, you'Il learn why the Chinesepeople call themselves "descendents of Emperor Yan and the YellowEmperor" and why the districts inhabited by Chinese people areknown as Chinatowns. Most importantly, looking at the pictures andreading the texts, you'II find yourself traveling through thethousands of years of history. Maybe this little book will arouseyour interest in getting to know more about China.


A Simple Chronology of Chinese History
The Ancient Times
Xia Dynasty ,Shang Dynasty and Western Zhou
Spring and Autumn Period and the Warring States Period
Qin Dynasty
Han Dynasty
Wei,Jin,and Southern and Northern Dynasties
Sui Dynasty and Tang Dynasty
Song Dynasty
Yuan Dynasty
Ming Dynasty
Qing Dynasty